Profile Customization (Header Image)

Your header image must not exceed 1300 x 300. Our safe area is 1300 x 225. (more…)

What’s not allowed?

If you are interested on using any of our tracks, you are not allowed the following:

  • Nightcore versions, unless it’s official.
  • Bass boosted version are definitely not allowed.
  • Hourly mix of a track.
  • No early releases of our tracks, unless you have explicit permission.

How do I register and why?

Register are now available to everyone.


Imports notice about track titles and what to follow?

Before you submit your demo to us, there is some important thing to note that some restrictions are applied to using titles in order for our distributor and the stores to accept.

  • Keep the title minimum as possible. The simpler the better.
  • Titles such as The Album 2K19 are not allowed.
  • If your track has different version, use Track Name (Original Mix) or Track Name (feat. Tony) [Original Mix] if has featured artist and we’ll sort it out. This applies to remixes as well.
  • Following are accepted: Radio Edit, Original Mix, Extended Mix, VIP Edit, VIP Mix, VIP Extended Mix, VIP Radio Edit, Acoustic Mix, Demo (may not be accepted), Deluxe, Tony Remix, Tony Extended Mix, Tony Radio Edit, Outro.
  • You can also release a song as outro as long as there is a title followed by examples given above Track Name (Outro).
  • Explicit releases are allowed, however Apple and some other stores might censor them with * sign.

Where does my release go to and how long will I see my release?

Generally your release will be available in the following platform:

Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Beatport, Facebook, Napster, Deezer, Yandex Music, I Heart Radio, VK, Anghami Music, TikTok.


How do I submit a demo?

You can submit your demo from the top of the page. Just make sure to fill out all the necessary details for us to be able to get back to you.