How do I change my name?

If you made a small mistake on choosing your name, you can contact us to request change. Just put [Change Name] at the beginning of the subject followed by space.

How do I download my purchases?

If made any purchase here, simply login to your account and download.

What are some of the content I can use your music for?

If you are an indepen21dent creator and like to use some of the music, there are some channel type example which are allowed:

  • Gaming channel
  • Review/Unboxing channel
  • Video compilations
  • Beauty channel
  • Tutorial channel
  • Art & design channel

If your content are deem unacceptable, we have the right to object the use of our music that includes hate speech, inappropriate content for instance.

What if I want to use your music commercially?

We are currently constructing a form you can use for commercial usage requests. In theĀ  meantime, please contact us andf tell us much information as possible about your usage of our music.

Can I monetise my video when I use some of your music?

Yes. You will need to check our music usage policy.

How do I credit music?

Credit in your description:

A DP7 Music Release
DP7 - Smoke In The Water

You can find those information in the Youtube description.

We might add a section here as well soon.

Can I use music that I purchased here?

Yes, credits are needed for each track even if the track is available for free. Check usage/credit policy.

Some track requires additional permission to use or may not be available for use.

How can I purchase some of the music?

You can purchase your music through stores listed in the music info page.

That means by purchasing it through those stores will not only support DP7 Music and also act as a license for using a track in your video. But you will still need to credit.

We also have free download for some of the tracks.

How do I find my music?

When you submit your track, you will need to create an account here and we will verify you and approve your track and use that account as an release artist account.

Once your music has successfully published to digital music stores, we will then update your track information here. So make sure to check the audios section on your dashboard for store links.

You can also add other links if you have them.

What genres can I submit?

Anything ranging from Dance to Electro House. Just check out our portfolio for more information.

Accept music format?

Please send us *.mp3 file format as suggested or better upload to sharing services zippyshare or even link us to your Souncloud and we will check it out.

What music we accept?

We accept anything that you create as long as:

  • Not already released on any label.
  • Not remix to any other music unless it has been released on DP7 Music.
  • Songs must be completed in order for review to process.
  • Artist name must be your own and original.
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