October Music Releases


DentedAphid7 debuts the remake of the track Cucumber featuring vocals from ReviewTechUSA.

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Discotrot is a fast rave track that makes you dance like crazy.

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After watching the Joker, DentedAphid7 came up with this track called Wi Shi Ma featuring some Big Room house sound.

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Rocket Girl was one of the unreleased track by DentedAphid7 from 2018 where he polishes the track for a formal release.

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Inspired by artists like Mark Sixma, Andrew Rayel, W&W. DentedAphid7 releases the track Fisher in collaboration with the artist Aimee Cozza for the artwork of this track.

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Release of the track called Rumor which tells a story of uncertain or doubtful truth. And to those news media that covers false news.

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DP7 becomes DentedAphid7


Well, ever since I started making music around here and started digital distribution, I’ve being using DP7 as a acronym for DentedAphid7 and distribute all my music under DP7 Music.

Google slowly picking up my music and started putting them into search result as DP7 and sometime shows up if I typed in DP7 + music (not to be confused with DP7 Music).

However this led to Google thinking that I became DP7 Music because I have a music channel called DP7 Music which is to showcase all creations from DP7 Music, not just stuff from DP7.

That means now I have 2 artist profiles in Google Play Music/YouTube and soon have 3 (including DentedAphid7).

As this new change I decided to become under a new name, DentedAphid7 (or should I say, I’m back once again as DentedAphid7) for that very reason and also not to be confused with some comic book series.

RDR2 – Release


RDR2 was actually made in accident after hearing the track Loco Papi by Sevenn and Old Town Road by Lil Nas X.

The release of this track was unexpectedly few weeks before the actual announcement of Red Dead: Redemption 2 coming to PC and the title of this track was coincidentally named RDR2.

You can check out this release here.

Changes Incoming


We have some changes we like to announce.

First and foremost, our cover art design has changed as you can see from our music catalog.

Secondly the site has new designs + new features.

The first thing you will notice is that we have brought back our tiled layout from the past. But this time we’ve added a hover effect so the album cover lights up once hovered.

There is a search box located on the top for every page so that you can search for your music and everyone else’s music.

A brand new information page is updated with information, license (which still being updated on) and download/stream links from your favorite platforms.

On the top you will see a list of artist for a particular album, on the left handside you will see the cover art and on the right handside you can see all the details about that album.

There is a preview on the bottom as well.

Once you clicked on that artist link, it will redirect you to their profile where you can see all of their releases.

And lastly, this is all optimized for mobile devices as well.

August Music Releases


This track was made in the wake of a deadly assassin by DP7 (aka DentedAphid7).

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In collaboration with his brother, DP7 made a track called Bully based on the infamous Baldi’s Basics.

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After listening to Bunga Dance by Turbotronic, Booga Dance was made.

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A Japanese themed temple featuring Oriental sounds.

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A remake of the song Blue by Eiffel 65.

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Artist Page, Downloads & More


The May update is here and there is number of new features.

Now we have a featured section for tracks with short description.

In track preview page, you can see the artist/s that submitted the track and a short url for sharing to other sites.

In addition to that, there is download button/s for each store where you can purchase or listen to that particular track.

When you click the artist link from track preview page, it will bring you to a list of recent tracks created by that artist.

Now you can login with Facebook.