Submit Your Demo And Get A Release

We are now open to your music submission to DP7 Music. Anyone can join and have their demo herd by us and released by us.


  • You must own all the right to the track, meaning it’s your own creation.
  • The track you submitted has not been released to other labels before.
  • Track mainly based on EDM genere like Electro House, House, Future House, Deep House, Trap, Hard Dance, Trap etc.
  • Submission done in SoundCloud or ZippyShare privately.

You can start by submitting your track and we’ll get back to you as sonn as possible.

Astronomia (Out Now)

Driven from the coffin meme that floating around the world by storm, DentedAphid7 decided to take a different approach to the original track or many other versions out there.

With a high impact synth lead and popping drums, DentedAphid7 created a breakdown with his well known signature synth pattern followed by a extended break in the second part.

This particular release has caught many ears on the streaming platform and is his most shazamed tracks to date. So make sure to checkout th release on your favorite platform.

Infection [Club Mix] [Released]

Following the release of Zombie Apocalypse, DentedAphid7 began working on the track soon known as Infection.

Infection was a project that was set aside for many years and actually hasn’t gotten far with few melodies in mind. With horror movie inspirations, DentedAphid7 was able to create a dark and horror feeling with echoing screams and breaking glass leading back to the drop.

This time DentedAphid7 created more energetic version of the track known as the Club Mix and released it alongside the original for dance floors.

Monkey Face [Released]

DentedAphid7 is back again with a 80’s styled techno music in the likes of Scooter, Venga Deejays.

Monkey Face is a fast paced track featuring catchy tune with a “chipchune” styled sound and dubstep drums that eventually leads you toward some heavy leads and pumping bass while keeping the 80’s techo vibe.

DentedAphid7 is the driving force between creating different genres and his first attempt at creating Hard Dance type track.

Make sure to check it out on your favorite streaming platform.

New Features

We have started working on some of the kinks on this website for a while now.

The first thing you probably notice is the big slider that we have on the front. This will feature some of the current & big releases and even some release announcements.

Now we have refined out music catalog by adding them in to a grid layout system with tags which tells you if a song is a single release, album release, a mix or a free download.

New blog section to keep up to date with our latest releases and news and updated demo drop section to get your demo herd by us.

Future updates:

We’re also working on future updates that will include account portal for release management and so on. Spotify preview integration and new layout page for release information.

DentedAphid7 Teams Up For Stonerator (Released)

Join forces with his cousin once again. DentedAphid7 came up with the song Stonerator.

The song itself is based on a imaginary character which never show emotion what so ever and became stone cold killer when robot mech is activated.

The genere follows the likes of Savant, Vini Vici, Timmy Trumpet in creating a triplet type song with heavy plunk reverbs and melody that sounded like a hunted castle.

In the breakdown of the song, it features vocals from the original version of the song which DentedAphid7 and his cousin ICXU had pre-recorded.

The original song were very much different than the final version and never actually get to finished, with DentedAphid7’s final tunning the song ended up in the public.