DentedAphid7 – You Got Dat Pin Dik (feat. Wesley Caddy)

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You Got Dat Pin Dik is a collaboration between DentedAphid7 and his friend Wesley Caddy. Where Wesley is rifting “You Got Dat Pin Dik” vocal with a little dryness effect across a power driven future house backdrop. The songs floats into arp synth with fluttering plunk and pad during the breakdown, adding extra delays and reverbs with orchestral stab and more widened pad.

Wesley is known for his humor in his real life and wanted to create something into a song and with the help of DentedAphid7, he was able to provide a vocal for the track and this is how You Got Dat Pin Dik came about.


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Music Information

Artist: DentedAphid7/Wesley Caddy
Title: You Got Dat Pin Dik
Album: You Got Dat Pin Dik
Release Date: September-6-2020
Genre: ,