DentedAphid7 – Basement Junkie


Basement Junkie is a brand new album taken from the ground up featuring never released songs including some already released songs.

Basement Junkie featuring songs that describes events happened around DentedAphid7’s jobs or surroundings & friends.

This time Wesley Caddy is at it once again providing vocals for new DentedAphid7 songs.


  1. Tristan Wonderland (Radio Edit)
  2. Tampon (Featuring Wesley Caddy)
  3. Muscle (Radio Edit)
  4. Lovey Dovey (Featuring Wesley Caddy)
  5. Steal & Run
  6. Orogami
  7. Fake G
  8. Valencia
  9. Infection
  10. Bruce Fuckin’ Wayne
  11. You Got Dat Pin Dik (Featuring Wesley Caddy)
  12. Brothel (With Wesley Caddy)
  13. Stonerator (Featuring ICXU)
  14. Lambo


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Music Information

Artist: DentedAphid7
Title: Basement Junkie
Album: Basement Junkie
Release Date: November-30-2020
Genre: , , , ,